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Fun, balanced ruleset! Looking for mod help also!

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Fun, balanced ruleset! Looking for mod help also!

Postby Riverkiller » Thu Jul 18, 2013 12:29 am

Hello, everyone. I don't believe anyone here knows me other than The Amorphous Gamer
Well, a while ago, he posted a topic about needing help with the modding aspects, and so far, no one has replied.
If you happen to use these rulesets, please comment and give us feedback, I'll try my best to think of ways to balance it out and/or remove quirky-ness.
*EDIT #7 Changed the title of the post.On a side note, I think we really need MORE players for this and DG to be successful. The only way we'll get more updates and such for DG would be for more people to provide positive feedback about Desperate Gods!
Expanded Ruleset: show
-=[Expanded Ruleset]=-
[Wilderness Pile] = Pile of cards with roots imprinted on the back.
[Evil Cavern Pile] = Pile of cards with green rune markings.
[Dark Dungeon Pile] = Pile of cards with purple rune markings.
[HELL'S RETREAT Pile] = Endgame bosses with red rune markings.
[Guillotine Bridge] = The bridge between the Kennel and Guillotine.
[NIGHTMARE PORTAL] = The bridge between the Labyrinth and Altar.
[Victory Pile] = Where your defeated monsters go.
[Coin Pouch] = Where all gold is carried.
[Town] = Starting tile, allows you to shop [Shop], store gold [Bank;raidable], and sleep [Inn;raidable].
[Backpack] = Where you store equipment, upgradeable to six slots, maximum.
[Attack die] = The single die you roll when battling to determine the battle outcome.
[Gold] = Silver coins that you earn through defeat of monsters. One large gold coin is worth five silver.
[Sanction Empire] = The green legion in [Legion Mode]
[Vanquish Legionnaires] = The blue legion in [Legion Mode]
[Emperor's Warrior] = The main green player in [Legion Mode], can buff allies.
[Phyrite Knight] = The main blue player in [Legion Mode], can buff allies.
-Town rules-
You may leech health(Heals you one health but adds a -1 all
combat rolls debuff until you go to [Town] to cure it, which
costs five gold) from a defeated monster in your victory pile,
discarding the monster but not putting it back into play.
[Town] serves it's same purpose, however, you can choose to
sleep (naturally gaining your HP back at the cost of a turn)
or pay five silver to hire a shaman/healer.
The infirmary works this way aswell, making you either bandage
yourself at the cost of a turn, or pay 6 gold to heal on the spot.
You may pay one coin to restock the shop's items.
At the [Town], you may settle a purchase dispute with a duel between the players,
and the loser has to take the cost.
Players can also steal loot from the loser but only aqquire half payment
for 2 turns.
Upon death, a player must skip the turn after death as a death penalty.
Instead of having only three backpack slots, you must purchase the rest (at town).
Prices go as follows:
Fourth pouch = Two gold
Fifth pouch = Three gold
Sixth pouch = Five gold
You can upgrade the shop with 5 gold, earning it one new shop slot.
The idea behind this is that the shop has enough gold to spend on getting more gold.
Town Portal is optional.
In Team Mode, you can use it to teleport to your teammate for 5 gold.
Upon reaching the Asylum tile, you would only be able to reverse the effects by drinking a toxic potion, or dieing.
-Monster/Combat Rules-
If a monster deck runs out of cards, you must draw from the
next monster deck above it.
Seeing as how these enemies are out of their habitat, they
are easier to defeat (you gain +1 on combat rolls) but you
must roll to see if the monster calls for help from another monster.
If you own Low Light Combat, PvP battles may be settled in said game. (if you win the battle, the other player dies)
If you own Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, PvP battles may be settled in said game. (if you win the battle, the other player dies)
Interrogation is optional.
Suicide is a viable option, in any moment in time.
However, if a Thirsty Sword is the only weapon in your inventory, then you cannot suicide.
Any other weapons override this rule.
This is to escape Swamp and reversed movement, at the cost of one skipped turn.
Once the [Secure Stronghold] has been used, it is still in the deck, but when you draw it, you must fight the head enemy in the stronghold(random card draw
from the hell pile, but not killing that monster, only removing it
from the stronghold so as to prevent farming the stronghold.),
causing the other monsters to scurry away.
I have thought of a loot system.
Upon rolling doubles for an odd number, you would get:
Two gold (rolling double ones)
Three gold (double threes)
Five gold (double fives)
Upon rolling doubles for an even number, you would acquire a shop card next battle IF YOU WIN.
Keep in mind, any references to gold are STILL silver.
Should you be in a tile with another player, and you happen to use a portal to town OR a teleport scroll, the other players in the same tile may choose to follow you.
You have the option to stop them by way of duel.
You may use the Scroll of Town Portal to instead, teleport to another player, should you wish to trade with them.
If you are in desperate need of help, you may choose to resurrect a monster that is from the [Wilderness Pile] or the [Evil Caverns Pile] at the Graveyard to aid you in combat ONCE per monster. He also has to roll to win, and, if you use equipment on his turn, the equipment you used is bound to him. If he dies with your brittle dagger (even if he only used it once) then your dagger is discarded.
Only dual-wieldable weapon is the Brittle Dagger.
Items now have usages.
The item can be used as many times as it costs coins.
However, once used up, it is fragile, and you may get one more use out of it, at the cost of the card being forfeited.
If an item is used up, it costs roughly 25% of the cards worth to clean any weapons, reinforce them, and sharpen them, allowing them to be used as they were before. (meaning they now have full durability)
It costs roughly 50% of the cards worth to reinforce the padding and metal on armor, allowing them to be used again as they were before.
Also, when engaged in PvP, winning will give you the option of becoming a cannibal (buffed health meaning 1 EXTRA health, on top of all health you have, or +1 hp, if you don't have full health at the cost of half amount (estimated) of money earnings from slaying monsters).
For Serene Way, there is an idea that you must suicide to resurrect her.
If you wish to resurrect Serene Way while in Town you must roll to decide if a town guard would witness your act and arrest you. (Two turns in Asylum.)
There is no longer a limbo.
Upon death, you must pick an item, and roll for it to be dropped on the tile, broken, or kept.
Rolling a 1-3 counts as the weapon being lost on the tile.
Rolling a 4-5 counts as it being broken.
Rolling a 6 counts as it being kept.
Upon finding (picking up) an item from a tile, it is very damaged, and must be repaired before use.
If it is not repaired and you lose HP in ANY way, the item breaks.
Health potions dropped on the ground may be poisonous on account of them being there for so long.
Rolling a 1-3 means the potion is poisonous, and you may still use it, but at the cost of LOSING health when taking a hit (even if you evade it or reroll with an item, you still lose 1 HP.)
This only happens once however, and once the poison damages you, it is out of your system.
Money is also dropped on the tile, but only 60% of it is usable, because 40% have degraded beyond recognition, and are placed back into the money pile (this is to keep circulation of money)
The Nervous Boots can be used to skip a tile on the board (this is for when you get stuck at Swamp :P) but you must still roll to see if they are lost.
Summoning a nuclear cyber ninja, made by the illuminati to settle disputes was a "very prominent idea," that Amorphous said "would have a very nice place in the game."
Meaning, if you think someone is cheating, you can challenge them to battle in Low Light Combat, another great game made by Wolfire.
You must settle a battle in Low Light Combat if you tie a PvP battle.
[HELL'S RETREAT] would have a heat effect.
Every three turns, you must leave to resurface and breathe. (We're going to debate whether to go up to the next dungeon or to resurface entirely.)
If you stay any longer, you lose two health every full turn.
Potions double for heat resistance potions, and you would only lose 1 HP per turn after spending three turns in hell.
Upon completion of all dungeons (Killing all monsters in each one)
a mandatory PvP battle is required to end the game.

Now, keep in mind, these rulesets work without the use of mods, it would just be helpful.
Now, onwards to the gamemodes.
Code: Select all
Gametype: Free-for-all
Two lives, four health points.
Game objective: Survive when everyone else has fallen. (Last man standing wins)
No sleep function, and when an item breaks, it is discarded.
All foes give half coins, and defeating and enemy gives you the chance to loot them while they are stunned.
No points, only gold.
The game lasts for 30 minutes.
Should all players be alive, the player with the most battles won, wins. (Most cards in victory pile)

Code: Select all
-Legion Mode-
Four to six players, two legions.
Each adventurer is a knight for one of two legions(teams).
The battle is won by killing the enemy legion.
Six lives in a shared life pool between your legion.
Tag-team function, effectively avoid battles by tagging your teammate(s), costing you a turn and you gain half gold(if uneven amount of gold, most goes to the teammate, if not, other half goes to the teammate).
For tag-team to work, you must be in either:
The same tile.
In neighboring tiles.
Tag team provides a buff for the teammate, healing him/her fully should he win the battle for you.
Can only be used once per 2 full turns.

Code: Select all
Two players.
Infinite lives, two health points.
Game objective: Gain all the money on the board.
Money drops on the tile you died (only 25% is taken though, so as to restock the money available, and not be a game-ending event should the other player acquire it.).
Sleep function enabled, no item durability (infinite uses except for potions).
Points obtained from monsters serve no purpose.
All [Wilderness Pile] monsters give 1 coin.
All [Evil Cavern Pile] monsters give 2 coins.
All [Dark Dungeon Pile] monsters give 4 coins.
All [HELL'S RETREAT Pile] monsters give 5 coins.
You keep fallen foes in your victory pile for 5 rotations, then, they go back into their respective piles.
Game ends when one player obtains the last coin on the board.
Both players have a bargain skill so you may roll to get an item half-off at the town. (Roll a five or higher to haggle the price to 50%)
When there are no more monsters on the board, you MUST fight the other player.
Battles between players only take one health point away, along with one coin minimum.

Now, I have not found a way to balance the 'Greed' idea I had.
I am thinking perhaps you must earn a coin(s) or spend them every 5 turns to be able to keep them, the problem with that is, the other person can just run away.
There is also the possibility of having a MANDATORY PvP battle(fight to the death, meaning until all HP is gone) at the end.
Thanks guys, hope you have fun playing this, I made this because I saw not many rulesets were balanced and I wanted them to be.
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